Installation Scripts to install applications on the mesh network

This is a MQTT Based Pan / Tilt controller that is a work in progress.

This allows Users to Map the SpotRep2 reports into a map that can be viewed in a web browser in real time.

Topology Map Generated from OSLR Data and rendered in client web browser.

This is a proxy system to pull and cache localy the images from webcams on the mesh for viewing on the internet.

Software development for computer aided transceivers and other amateur radio related items. This repository is dedicated to software development for computer aided transceivers (CAT) and to software develpment for amateur radio applications in general.

Background Radiation Monitoring Device Building a simple background radiation monitor provides an excellent introduction to "Internet of Things" ideas and concepts. This project site contains all you need to know in order to build your own background radiation monitor - a Geiger counter "Internet Thing" - for under $150 in parts.