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<html> <body> <h3>SpotRep2 Mapping System</h3> <h4>This allows Users to Map the SpotRep2 reports into a map that can be viewed in a web browser in real time. </h4> <p> <h4>Contents</h4> <p><b>www - PHP code for the mapping</b><br> <ul> <li>Make sure to update the map tiles with your mapping tiles and accesstokens</li> </ul> </p> <img src="" width="550px" /><br /> <p> <b>NWJS-AUTO-UPLOADER - Auto Upload SpotRep2</b><br> This NWJS(node-webkit) app allows the auto uploading of the spotrep2.txt file from the winlink callsign directory into the mapping software <ul> <li>To make this work you need to add the this package.nw to the NWJS files. Goto and download the normal package to get started. </li> </ul> </p> <img src="" width="550px" /><br /> </body> </html>